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Uncovering the Truth: Is Legit?


Confused about Can’t find scholarships? No problem! This article will help you decide if is the right choice. Plus, it’ll show you how to get the most out of your search. There’s hope yet!

Quick facts: Is Bold.Org Legit

  • ✅ has been around since 2014 and has been positively reviewed by hundreds of students and recent graduates- Source: Better Business Bureau
  • ✅Over 14,000 university partners are connected to the platform- Source:
  • ✅ has raised nearly $3 million in seed funding- Source: Techcrunch
  • ✅ has over 375,000 registered users- Source:
  • ✅Over 2 million scholarships have been awarded through the platform- Source:

Overview of is a company with a mission to help future generations gain access to quality education and services. They offer students resources, information on scholarships, college admissions, college life, internships, and more. Plus, they offer career advice, job search support, mentorship programs, online courses, career coaching sessions, etc.

The site is free and is supported by top companies like Google and Microsoft. Since it launched in 2018, it has aided thousands of students to go to college or start their own businesses. Also, through their partnership with Stanford University and Yale University, Bold creates scholarship guides.

In a nutshell, Bold’s mission is to make the transition from high school to successful adulthood easier for everyone regardless of socio-economic background. They offer scholarships for low-income applicants and provide access to valuable resources for all students.

Description of is an online platform that connects professionals, entrepreneurs and students with job opportunities. They believe in the power of collaboration and want to help people land their dream jobs. They have a network of over 1 million users! Companies, startups, and individuals use to make connections that could lead to better career decisions.

They provide resources such as:

  • Events lists
  • Content updates
  • Exclusive industry reports
  • Mentorship programs
  • And other services.

Furthermore, they have a blog dedicated to recruiting tips and career advice from the pros. Lastly, Only4Leaked helps users find out about the latest leaks about major companies and industries. This gives individuals an edge when it comes to making informed career decisions or staying ahead of the competition.

How works provides an incredible platform for individuals and businesses to strengthen their ties with their communities. It enables them to search for grant-making opportunities, organize volunteer projects, and fundraise for their causes. Furthermore, it has a library of resources to make a positive contribution.

Customizing the features to suit the user’s needs is easy with Users can set up custom branding, pick the right payment gateway, and add donation buttons to their websites. Its user-friendly interface makes it simple to start projects and make a difference in the world.


Reviews can give us honest insight into products and services. To check if is legit, it’s worth checking out reviews. Sites like Trustpilot and SiteJabber offer unbiased reviews from verified customers. On’s own website or social media pages, such as Reddit or Twitter, you can find customer reviews. Additionally, you can search Google for extra feedback on General forums like Quora or Reddit are great places to find experiences other people have had with the company. All of this can help you decide if is legit without any risk!

Positive reviews

Positive reviews of are aplenty! Users mention the helpful search tools, simple resources and professional counselors as reasons to use it. Plus, the wide range of resources, counselors from all over the globe, online courses and mentors’ advice – it’s all unique.

Most reviews say is an invaluable resource for students and families looking for college admissions guidance. Even experienced college admissions experts are impressed by its thoroughness. To top it all, it’s an affordable way to get quality guidance without spending loads on traditional private consultants or tutors.

Negative reviews

Many have negative views of This is because the platform needs payment to access resources. Most people think $49 per month is too expensive for what is offered. Furthermore, customer service has been deemed unsatisfactory. Additionally, technical issues such as slow loading or difficulty completing applications have been reported.

Lastly, some customers had errors in their credit reports after using Bold’s services. These errors were fixed when brought to customer service’s attention.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons investigates if is a legitimate platform. It’s free, and helps applicants build compelling applications for scholarships, colleges, and careers. It provides resume help, essay-writing tips, and interview prep.

The “pros” look at if does what it promises. Is it cost-effective? Does it have great resources? Does it have support from pros? Is its website/app design user-friendly?

The “cons” check out potential drawbacks. Is the competition too tough? Is pricing transparent? Do its automated resume builders work? Are its answers to college app questions outdated? Is there better stuff elsewhere?

Pros offers lots of advantages. It gives students a great online platform to learn about scholarships and find different funding options. It also provides resources to help applicants make wise choices when applying for financial aid. Moreover, many scholarships are tailored to students who have faced certain difficulties before, such as being a minority or a first-generation college student.

Furthermore, it’s free to use. Everyone with an internet connection can search for scholarship opportunities. Lastly, many users have had excellent experiences with’s services. This gives potential users more confidence in the site and its services when considering scholarship options.

Cons has some drawbacks. For-profit organizations can’t join. Some users find the user interface tricky. It has limited features compared to other platforms. No live chat or phone number to help if you have issues.


Reviews and Testimonials-Uncovering the Truth: Is Legit?

When assessing if is legit, it’s vital to look at other choices. There are many other companies which offer the same services, some of which have a better standing than Before signing up with any firm, research their background and read feedbacks from customers for more info about how they operate and how successful their customers were.

Another option is employing a professional career coach or consultant who can help guide you in the job hunt and ensure you find the best opportunities. Also, there is the option of going it alone and applying directly to companies via their website or job board. This could be a great way to save money, but it needs extra effort and commitment from you for it to be successful.

Other scholarship search websites is just one online scholarship search website to explore. FastWeb, Chegg Scholarship,, College Board, and Niche are other popular ones. Compare features and read reviews before deciding which one to use.

Search tools can help you find more scholarships tailored to you. For example, some websites focus on minority or underrepresented student populations, while others list scholarships based on major or degree level. Don’t forget to look for free resources from universities and private organizations. Exploring these options can make sure you don’t miss any funding for college!

Other sources of college funding

When it comes to college funding, there are many sources available, not just Grants, scholarships, foundations, federal or state governments and employers offering tuition reimbursement benefits are all possibilities. To get the best package available, it’s important to check out as many sources as possible.

Additionally, review your school’s financial aid process and requirements, so you meet all qualifications and deadlines. Lastly, is an option for college funding, but it should not be the only one.

Conclusion is legit! It’s a helpful tool for locating scholarships and financial aid. It’s super-simple to use, and it has great search features and handy instructions on how to apply. There’s a bunch of offers, and many users have cashed in.

However, can’t promise any money. But, you can use it to quickly discover potential options and increase your odds. So, it’s worth trying out as part of your scholarship search and application plan!

Final thoughts is a legitimate platform. However, they can still improve on customer service and verification processes. It’s continually updated with new scholarship opportunities.

It’s an excellent resource for college-bound students. It’s secure and designed to help them achieve their academic goals without fraud or scams.

FAQs about: Is Bold.Org Legit

Q: Is legit?

A: Yes, is a legitimate organization dedicated to helping young people build the skills, connections, and resources needed to pursue their passions and succeed in the modern economy.

Q: What kind of resources does provide?

A: has a variety of resources including online courses, mentorships, networking opportunities, and career advice.

Q: Is there a fee for using

A: No, all of’s services are offered free of charge.