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Is Chicwish Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Fashion Brand


Think of buying from Chicwish, but worried about its genuineness? Figure out the reality about this fashionable fashion label and settle on an informed verdict. Gaining assurance when shopping is now possible.

Quick facts: Is Chicwish Legit

  • ✅ChicWish has a 4.4/5 star rating on TrustPilot based on over 1000 reviews – TrustPilot.
  • ✅ChicWish has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau – Better Business Bureau.
  • ✅ChicWish offers free worldwide shipping on orders over $50 – ChicWish.
  • ✅ChicWish offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all orders – ChicWish.
  • ✅ChicWish offers a wide range of trendy and affordable clothing items –

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Chicwish is an online fashion site based in Taiwan. It provides fashionable, quality clothes for women everywhere. The brand has been popular lately, due to its unique designs, good prices and international shipping. But, with the growing amount of fake designer items and counterfeit sites, it’s hard to tell which brands are genuine.

This article will examine Chicwish and answer the question: “Is Chicwish legit?” It will cover topics such as Chicwish reviews, customer service, returns/exchanges policy and more. We’ll also look at popular products like dresses and skirts to find out if they’re real. Finally, we’ll share our opinion on the brand, so you can make an educated decision about whether to shop there.

Overview of Chicwish

Chicwish is an international fashion retailer. It specializes in classic and trend-driven styles for women. It’s known for affordability and quality. Free international shipping is offered on orders over $160 USD. It has multiple stores in the US and China.

Chicwish first appeared in 2005 as an online boutique. It aimed to provide stylish yet affordable clothing for women. The brand is famous for its use of innovative and natural fabrics, like bamboo or organic cotton. It has a variety of trends for all seasons. A wide selection of sizes (XS-XXL) is available, so everyone can look perfect.

Product Quality

Product Quality is super important when shopping for clothes! Chicwish is all about it. Their items are made from durable and nice materials like cotton, linen, and viscose. The garments fit well and look stylish. Chicwish offers free return/refund too. They inspect each item before delivery and provide great customer service. Reviews and customer feedback prove that Chicwish has quality products at great prices.

Reviews of Chicwish products

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Quality of materials used

Evaluating the materials used by Chicwish fashion brand? Two main factors: quality of raw materials and craftsmanship. Chicwish strives to use quality materials such as silk and wool. And employs skilled artisans from factories. They have inspections and stringent standards for accuracy and consistency. All items inspected prior to shipping, giving customers peace of mind.

Chicwish takes steps to guarantee quality materials and customer peace of mind.

Delivery and Returns

Delivering and returning are essential for clients’ pleasure when buying apparel. Chicwish confirms that customers will get their order in 8-14 business days, depending on their location and delivery option. They give Standard Shipping, Express Shipping and Express Plus shipping, with rates which rely on the destination country. Customers can easily monitor their orders with the link in their Order Confirmation email.

Chicwish has a smooth return policy where customers can return any items within 14 days from the date of delivery for a full refund or exchange. However, items returned outside the 14-day period might only be qualified for store credit or exchange. Also, they have a special Returns Center where customers can get help with any issues they may have regarding returns or exchanges.

Delivery policies

Chicwish is a clothing brand that ships to customers all over the globe. Your order will generally be processed and shipped in two business days. Standard shipping takes 10-20 business days to arrive. They provide free shipping for orders over $50, and you can upgrade for quicker delivery.

The returns/exchanges policy is easy to understand. Return/exchange items within 14 days of purchase, as long as it’s unused and undamaged. You pay for return shipping. No refunds are available, only store credit for returned items.

Return policies

Chicwish offers a 30-day return policy for most items. You must send back the product within 30 days of delivery, with all tags attached and any protective packaging intact. You also need a copy of the order confirmation email or receipt. Returns may cost you money depending on where you are and what you’re returning. But orders over $50 get free shipping.

Chicwish also has a 6-month quality assurance program for products damaged in transport or during use. This ensures customers get high quality products inspected by professionals before being sent out. So you can shop with confidence!

Customer Service

Pricing -Is Chicwish Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Fashion Brand

Chicwish’s customer service team is quick to respond. They have an email and phone line for queries. Plus, guides on their website offer helpful info about sizing, washing, returns and more. Live chat is available for customers needing immediate help. Chicwish’s international website is also a great resource for customers who don’t speak English. All in all, their customer service is dependable and helpful.

Customer service reviews

Chicwish customers are usually satisfied. They often say the company is quick in answering and helpful. People who have contacted them for orders have found them to be accommodating. They’ve offered discounts and replacements when needed. Plus, they seem to take customer feedback seriously and make changes where necessary.

All in all, shoppers are pleased with the website or in-store experience and would recommend Chicwish to others.

Availability of customer service

Chicwish makes customer service available through different means. Customers can contact Chicwish via email on their website, telephone number or social media like Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, customers can submit their feedback on the website, file complaints through an online form or check the FAQ page for answers. Chicwish also provides live chat for real-time help. Customers can even leave a review on the product page after receiving their order.

All of these reflect Chicwish’s commitment to offer great customer service and resolve issues without compromising the brand’s reputation or quality control.


Researching Chicwishlegit fashion retailer! Strong rep; quality clothing. Customers praise product selection, customer service and shipping. Secure payment system, plenty of info on website. Customers can feel secure ordering from Chicwish; peace of mind guaranteed.

Stylish items for those seeking something unique and on-trend.

Summary of findings

Chicwish, a fashion brand from London, is legit! The website and customer reviews show it. They have a wide selection of quality clothes and accessories. Customers are satisfied with what they get. Chicwish also offers great value for money. Plus, they deliver the products on time. And shipping fees? Reasonable, with discounts for bulk orders. Moreover, customer inquiries are answered quickly and politely.

So, Chicwish seems legit and reliable. But, customers should always read the terms and conditions before buying. Also, research product reviews from previous customers. It’s a safe bet for those looking for quality clothes at an affordable price!

FAQs about: Is Chicwish Legit

Q1: Is Chicwish a legitimate company?

A1: Yes, Chicwish is a legitimate company and has been in operation since 2005. They are based in Hong Kong and have become a renowned and well-respected global fashion retailer.

Q2: Where does Chicwish ship their orders?

A2: Chicwish ships their orders worldwide and currently offers free standard shipping to the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

Q3: Are there any Chicwish reviews I can read?

A3: Yes, there are many customer reviews for Chicwish. You can read them on sites like Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and their own website.