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Is Copart Legit? Uncovering the Truth About the Car Auction Site


Seeking a used car for a good price? You may be lured to try Copart. But, is it an authentic online auction site? The truth is here! We’ll help you make a wise choice.

Quick facts: Is Copart Legit

  • ✅ Copart is licensed in all 50 US states, plus Washington D.C., Canada, and the UK. Source: Copart
  • ✅ Copart has over 125,000 vehicles available for purchase in the US and Canada. Source: Copart
  • ✅ Copart has sold over 16 million vehicles since its inception in 1982. Source: Copart
  • ✅ Copart has more than 184,000 registered members. Source: Copart
  • ✅ Copart is a publicly traded company listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange. Source: Nasdaq


Copart is an online auto auction site that’s been around for more than 30 years. It gives users the chance to buy and sell vehicles. People can buy cars that have been in accidents, as well as rare classic cars. But is it legit? Let’s uncover the truth!

We’ll look at their security and payment process. We’ll also learn how it works and how to use the platform properly. That way, you can make the right decision when using Copart’s services to buy or sell a car.

What is Copart?

Copart is an online car auction platform and dealer network. It’s been around since 1982 and has over 200 locations in 11 countries, such as the US, Canada, and the UK. Both buyers and sellers can use Copart. They have a variety of vehicles, from classic cars to luxury sports cars. Many times, buyers can get cars for less than the market value by bidding on them.

Copart also provides a range of services, including:

  • Vehicle recovery
  • Inspection
  • Transport solutions
  • Secure payment options
  • Inventory management

To protect customers, Copart has secure data protection measures. Plus, its customer service team offers 24/7 support by phone or email for orders or questions.

Overview of services

Copart is a top car auction site! It offers services like vehicle sales, bidding, and financing. Their wide selection of over 150,000 vehicles has something for everyone. From auto auctions to classic cars, luxury cars, and more. Payment is easy – cash in-person or online via eBay Motors or Autotrader.

Copart’s salvage program gives you access to used parts from damaged cars. Plus they have a new online store with parts & accessories from your favorite automakers.

History of Copart

Willis Johnson founded Copart in 1982 when he was only 19-years old. He had a vision of selling second-hand cars through auctions near the Bay Area in California.

By 1992, Copart had an online presence and was running auctions across the U.S. They also licensed their auction technology to other car auctioneers.

Now, Copart is a public company. It has over 200 locations and 29 million members worldwide. It is one of the biggest online vehicle auction sites in North America, with auctions happening every day.

Founded in 1982

Copart, Inc. was founded in 1982 by Willis Johnson. It has grown to be one of the largest vehicle auction companies worldwide. They have sold over 150 million vehicles through their platform since its start. With over 200 locations in the world, Copart specializes in salvaged and insurance vehicles.

They connect dealers, dismantlers, body shops, and individuals to a global buyer base. Copart is a popular car auction company for dealerships, body shops, and individual buyers due to their large selection of cars and convenient online system.

Expansion and growth

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Copart Inc. is renowned for its dependable and budget-friendly services. This trustworthy car auction site has been operating since 1982, selling salvage, rebuilt and damaged vehicles to a variety of customers.

Insurance companies, hobbyists, dealers and customers highly regard Copart as one of the most esteemed auction sites due to their commitment to accurate descriptions and shipment schedules.

The cars sold by Copart are inspected thoroughly prior to listing, so that buyers can have a clear understanding of the condition of the vehicle and make an informed purchase decision.

Considering its long history of success, it’s no surprise that Copart has become the go-to source for people searching for great bargains on used cars and trucks.

Customer reviews

Reviews from customers are vital for any business – Copart included. Many customers have expressed their experiences with the company and their feelings about Copart’s services. In a nutshell, in general they agree that Copart is legit and provides a reliable service.

Most people report the process of buying from Copart is simple; choose an item, bid, pay and wait for your vehicle to be delivered. The customer service team also receives a lot of praise; many think they are helpful, professional and attentive.

In conclusion, customers are usually satisfied with their purchases from Copart, affirming that the company does keep its promises.

BBB rating

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a nonprofit that evaluates and approves trustworthy businesses. It’s the place to go for people who want to check out reliable services. Copart’s BBB grade is B+ on an A+ to F range, with 8 of 59 issues closed in the last three years.

Copart’s BBB scores are average at best, but there are advantages and disadvantages to look at when judging the credibility of this car auction website. Since 1982, their overall rating stayed the same. Yet, 5 of their 8 Customer Reviews have been positive in the current times, which means customers are content with Copart’s offerings. On the other hand, Copart has had problems such as wrong info or late delivery.

Buying from Copart

Researching the Legitimacy of the Nitro Scholarship-Is Copart Legit? Uncovering the Truth About the Car Auction Site

Copart is an online car auction site. It sells cars from insurance companies, banks, and other sources. It’s known for being reliable and reputable. It has a huge selection – cars, SUVs, vans, RVs, classic cars, motorcycles, boats, plus salvage and non-repairable vehicles. Plus heavy trucks and equipment.

All vehicles are sold “as-is” with no warranty. So buyers need to check each vehicle carefully before bidding. Some cars need minor repairs, others need extensive work. Buyers must read the details for each car to understand its condition.

How to bid

At Copart, it’s easy to bid on vehicles. First, create an account and activate your membership. Then, search for cars and filter by year, make, model, and more. You can see photos and a description of the car’s condition.

When the auction starts, you have several bid options. You can bid manually or use automated bidding. This lets you set a maximum bid amount. If someone outbids you, your bid will increase till it reaches your max. Your bid must surpass the minimum reserve price to win the car.

Fees and payment

Copart fees and payment depend on the chosen auction type. For instance, a Buyer’s Fee is necessary if bidding occurs in an auction. This fee is paid for each purchased lot, regardless of sale price. Registered buyers must submit payment within two business days, and full payment must be given before the purchased vehicle is received.

Copart Direct buyers are not required to pay extra fees, except for taxes and registration fees (may differ depending on state). Sellers who list cars get their payments once Copart gets necessary funds from buyers, with all fees deducted. Usually, this happens 1-3 business days after auction closure, or after purchase via Copart Direct.

Shipping and delivery

Shipping and delivery are important for Copart transactions. If the buyer bids in real time using Copart’s LiveBid feature, they must arrange for their own shipping and delivery right after the auction ends. Or else, buyers will have to call one of Copart’s third party shipping services to pick up and deliver their vehicles.

Buyers must pay for loading, transportation, taxes (if applicable) and storage fees. Delivery times vary depending on the location of the purchased vehicle and the chosen shipping method.

Selling on Copart

Copart is a web-based car auction platform. It works in the US, Canada, the UK and Germany. Buyers can bid on and buy cars online. To sell on Copart, sellers need approval. Once they are approved, they can list their vehicles and offer them through an auction or a direct sale.

Before they can list, sellers must prove vehicle ownership. Sellers make money based on how popular the vehicle is at any given time.

Listing process

Copart provides great listing options for car sellers. They offer detailed descriptions, photos, vehicle specs and transparent pricing plans. Their technology makes it easy to track bids during the auction process.

Drawbacks include:

  • Buyers may be hesitant due to limited viewings and “as-is” condition.
  • Buyers may not be local, meaning extra cost and time for order processing and delivery.

Fees and payment

Fanatics offers secure shopping with many payment methods. Credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal, can be used for online purchases. Google Pay and Apple Pay are accepted in-store. Rewards programs and gift cards can also be used, depending on the purchase.

Fees for shipping, handling and returns vary based on the item and payment type. Some purchases may require paying for return shipping or a restocking fee.

Shipping and delivery

Copart is famous for their safe and swift shipping. They provide a selection of global shipping methods for cars, parts, and accessories – including airfreight, ground freight, and other modes. Shipping charges rely on the size and weight of the shipment plus the destination. Copart’s shipping rates are usually very competitive when compared to other car auction sites.

Also, Copart provides Car Buy Back. This allows customers to buy back their vehicle within 6 days in case it does not meet expectations or needs. This service is available from Copart’s US, Canada, UK, Germany and Ireland locations. This is great as it gives customers the confidence to buy vehicles, knowing that they can return it if needed.


The answer to ‘Is Copart Legit?’ is yes. It’s an authentic car auction website with lots of cars and parts at very low prices. Their customer service personnel are knowledgeable and friendly, and do their best to make your experience superb.

Yet, you should do research before you buy something from their platform. Be sure to understand what you’re buying, and read all the terms before bidding for anything or paying for it. Also, recognize the fees related with shopping at Copart before you make any commitments.

All taken into account, you can trust Copart is a reliable car auction site for both buyers and sellers.

Pros and cons of using Copart

Copart is an online vehicle auction site that allows people to buy and sell used cars, trucks and more. It offers a range of vehicles from top brands and has streamlined processes for simpler and faster purchases.

Weighing up the pros and cons of Copart is important. Advantages of using this platform include a large selection of vehicles, user-friendly bidding tools, daily transportation services in selected areas, customer support on its website, and vehicle history reports. Furthermore, costs are kept low with third-party services like uShip.

On the flip-side, some purchasers have found vehicles not as described or with undisclosed damage. Response times from customer service agents have also been criticised by some customers.

Final verdict on Copart

Copart is legit. It’s one of the biggest vehicle auction sites in the US. Its long history shows that customers trust it. Low commission fees, lots of vehicles, and a user-friendly bidding system make it a great pick for anyone wanting to buy a used car. Plus, there are lots of good reviews online from real users who are happy with Copart. So, shoppers can buy a vehicle with confidence, knowing that other customers have had positive experiences.

FAQs about: Is Copart Legit

Q1: Is Copart a legitimate company?

A1: Yes, Copart is a legitimate company that has been in business since 1982. They offer a variety of services, including online auctions, salvage services, and vehicle transportation.

Q2: Does Copart have good customer service?

A2: Copart has excellent customer service and is dedicated to providing their customers with the best experience possible. They have a team of customer service representatives available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Q3: Is Copart safe to use?

A3: Yes, Copart is a safe and secure platform to use. They have a strict privacy policy and use the latest encryption technology to ensure your information is secure.