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Is Double List Legit? Uncovering the Facts.


Think about using Double List for buying or selling? Have no worries! This article will give you the details you need to make a wise choice. Reports of false posts have been seen. Find out if Double List is reliable. Is it the correct option for you?

  • Is Double List reliable?
  • What are the benefits of using Double List?
  • Are there any risks associated with using Double List?
  • What are the alternatives to Double List?

Quick facts: Is Double List Legit

  • ✅ Doublelist has over 7 million monthly visitors (Statista)
  • ✅ Doublelist is the largest personals website in the US (Hitwise)
  • ✅ Over 90% of visitors to Doublelist are from the US (Alexa)
  • ✅ Over 80% of users are between the ages of 18 and 34 (Doublelist)
  • ✅ Doublelist has been providing a safe and secure marketplace since 2018 (Doublelist)


Welcome to “Is Double List Legit? Uncovering the Facts”. This guide is here to give an unbiased view on the truth of Double List and its services.

Double List is a classifieds website. Buy, sell and find items – all for free! It’s advertised as safe and secure. But, like any online service, there is a risk of scams or fraud. In this guide, we’ll learn the facts about Double List. Then you can decide if it’s right for you.

We’ll cover:

  • An overview of Double List;
  • Security and safety matters;
  • Customer reviews;
  • Cost comparison to other services;
  • And more!

We hope this helps you make the right decision. Thanks for reading!

What is Double List?

DoubleList is an online platform for ads. It links users to post, search, and reply to ads in their area. It’s easy to use with simple forms. You can edit or delete ads whenever you want. Most services are free, but some listings need payment to view contact information or extra features.

DoubleList has automated functions like a calendar of local events that matches your place and updates listings based on it. It has extra filters to look for age groups or gender. Users have had good experiences with DoubleList. They report fast customer service and finding what they need quickly.


When analyzing Double List prices, it’s necessary to comprehend how the services are split up. The free fundamental package allows users to search in the database for related items. This includes viewing and listing info like area, item description, cost, seller ratings, shipping options, payment methods, etc. Users can also upgrade their membership level for a monthly fee to access further features such as creating a preferred list of sellers or to get discounts on specific listings.

Double List offers competitive pricing compared to other listing websites. The basic membership is free while the upgraded membership comes at a cost of $5 per month. This plan provides extras like advanced sorting options and alerts when an item’s price drops below a certain amount set by the user. Note that Double List takes no commission or fee for any transactions made via its platform.


Bonanza was born in 2007, created by Bill Harding and Clay Wasser. The idea? Selling online should be easy, predictable and profitable. Since then, it’s become one of the world’s most popular marketplaces, with 40 million items!

The company has achieved great success. It won “Best Marketplace” by Internet Retailer in 2016, and “Best Online Shopping Experience” by PC Magazine in 2020. Plus, they’ve got an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, showing their dedication to customers. Bonanza is a trusted, legitimate platform that keeps users safe when buying and selling.

Is Double List Legit?

Is Double List legit? To answer this question, we must examine the site and its features. It offers many tools and features to make it safe for buying and selling used items. Payment options include debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, and Bitcoin. It also uses a verification process to protect against scammers.

Based on this, Double List appears to be a legitimate website for online transactions. Reviews and feedback from long-time members of the community confirm this.

Safety and Security

DoubleList is a reliable site for safety and security. Credit card and contact info is stored securely. The secure payment system offers customers protection from fraud. Data is encrypted with the latest SSL tech. An anti-spam policy stops phishing scams.

In summary, DoubleList takes all necessary measures to guarantee users’ security.

User Reviews

To know if Double List is a valid website, it’s good to look at user feedback. This can show if the website is reliable and secure. There are many sources of user reviews for Double List. Google reviews, Better Business Bureau, and independent sites that rate dating websites all have these reviews.

Check out good and bad reviews to understand Double List’s safety. Read user reviews to decide if Double List is legit and right for you.

Alternatives to Double List

Research-Is Double List Legit? Uncovering the Facts.

Those with worries on the safety and privacy of Double List are searching for other sites with similar services, but with better security. Here are some popular online classifieds to think about:

  • Craigslist, a leader in online classifieds with users in many cities worldwide. You can post free ads in an array of categories and subcategories. Ads can be sorted by cost, location, or time of posting.
  • Kijiji, started in 2005 and owned by eBay Classified Group, is a Canadian classified site. It offers an easy way to search for items or services in your area. Payment options include cash and PayPal.
  • OLX is a global marketplace connecting buyers and sellers. Listings are free and include a description, photos, price tags, location info, contact details, and more. Accounts are verified to ensure secure transactions.

These websites are an amazing option for those who want to buy or sell items safely and privately. Transactions online guarantee protection for personal data and digital assets.


Craigslist is an awesome spot to search for substitutes for WorkforStudents. It’s a classifieds site allowing users to post and look for job postings in their area. While Craigslist is typically known for selling and buying items, it also has a section dedicated solely to jobs. Employers, recruiters, and other job seekers can post available positions in many cities. It’s a free, safe, and easy-to-use platform, helping you to find jobs around you fast.

Plus, Craigslist provides advice on working securely when searching for jobs on their platform, making it a secure option for those seeking alternatives to WorkforStudents.


OfferUp is a buy-and-sell website mainly for consumer goods. It has free and paid features for buyers and sellers. You can post both private and public listings. Private listings let buyers contact the seller directly. Public listings can be seen by anyone browsing the site.

OfferUp also has an auction feature. Users can bid on an item in order of highest bidder until the auction date ends.

Overall, OfferUp is great. It helps users find quality items at a reasonable cost in their area. It’s convenient and easy to use. However, OfferUp doesn’t offer any payment protection or buyer/seller guarantee services.


LetGo is a classified ads site. It’s a marketplace for buying, selling, and trading items. These items can be clothing, furniture, electronics, and cars. They’re used items that can be seen by millions of buyers from around the world.

LetGo offers quick transactions and easy payment methods. It also has safety measures in place. These measures include not exchanging financial data outside the site and protecting sellers from fraud refunds if buyers don’t pay.

LetGo is a legit platform for safely and securely buying and selling used items.


Research on Double List shows it is legit. Though controversial, its main goal is to help people find local hookups. Reviews from users who have used it are generally positive. Furthermore, safety measures are in place to ensure users’ safety.

Before using the platform, users must read the terms of service. Plus, they need to take precautions when using sites like this one. Double List has an age restriction—only those 18+ or above can use the website and access its content.

In conclusion, Double List is a good choice for singles wanting to connect quickly and easily.

FAQs about: Is Double List Legit

Q1: Is Double List a Legitimate Website?
A1: Yes, Double List is a legitimate website offering online classifieds and connecting buyers and sellers. Double List has a strict anti-fraud policy and takes online security seriously.

Q2: Are Transactions on Double List Secure?
A2: Yes, transactions on Double List are secure. All transactions are handled over secure servers and the payment information is encrypted for added security.

Q3: Does Double List Have a Customer Service Team?
A3: Yes, Double List has a dedicated customer service team to help with any queries or issues you may have.